The Mi'kmaq Cultural Coordinators build self-esteem and knowledge of Mi'kmaq culture by teaching kids about:

• Mi’kmaq songs;

• making their own hand drums;

• sewing;

• beading;

• building quinzees;

• harvesting and preserving food;

• building a sweat lodge;

• Mi’kmaq language; and,

• the importance of participating in traditional ceremonies.

Some comments shared by the Oinpegitjoig Soaring Spirit Drummers group to express their experience:
"Loved the drumming experience"
"Enjoyed learning how to use a sewing machine and learning how to sew, eager to learn more new things"

"Understand the meaning of the red material for protection"

"Enjoys and understands the smudging"

"I never really knew how to sew before. Hardly knew how to use a sewing machine. Now I love it and have many projects in mind. The sewing sessions have opened up my creativity inside me. I love the atmosphere and the teachers and the group. Everyone is willing to teach one another. I enjoy learning the songs so much. Having gone to a few sweat and powwows it’s fun to be able to sing along now. The energy I feel after drum class is amazing. I often listen to our voice recording as I’m driving"

"I am very thrilled to be part of the drumming circle. I am surrounded by great women and children. I am learning so much. And plus, it’s really great to craft our own drum bags and drum."

"First step, making a drum bag to hold our drum ... we were all give the choice of choosing which material we liked best (which was a bonus) and there were nice choices. Marie had a helper to assist us in cutting our pattern, etc. everything came together very well. Attending our sewing sessions as a group, we all got our project done and are very proud of our work. My bag was made with good guidance and great teachers. Look forward to the next step, making the drum, the heartbeat of Mother Earth. Thank you for this opportunity. "